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Wessex Waterways

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    The Trust is a fledgling charity, and like all charities we will rely on other people supporting our objectives and contributing.
    We will need funds to pay for the insurance required to be able to do physical work on the canal - which is a top priority for us.  We will also need funds to pay the planning applications fees for work that we will be doing to restore and build structures for the canal.
        Tools and materials will also need to be purchased, along with the appropiate PPE (personal protective equipment).
    We have vacancies for volunteers to help with the setting up of our publicity events team, and with the writing of funding applications for the equipment and tools we need to do the work,  the materials, and the costs of the projects we tackle.
    Before too long we will be requiring volunteers to help with the maintenance of sections of canal, and to participate in our work parties on the canal.  If you are interested in getting involved at any level please contact us.

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