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Wessex Waterways

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The Vale of Dauntsey

    With the acceptance of the WWRT  'Health & Safety' policy and all insurances in place the Foxham and Dauntsey projects have been given the 'Green Light' and recognised by WWRT.  Gordon Williams is to be the Project Leader and Larry Finnegan his deputy.  The areas will be combined under the name of 'The Vale of Dauntsey'.  I am pleased to announce that all the landowners in the sections concerned have giving their written permission for us to work on their land.

      One of the first tasks at Foxham will be the re-planking of the wooden lift bridge. On investigating a report from Robert Peglar at Elm Farm, Foxham, it was found that one of his cattle had put its foot through one of the oak decking planks of the iconic wooden lift bridge on the section of canal that passes through his land.

This is an essential piece of maintenance to allow farm vehicle access to continue without hindrance.

       If you would like to help with this or in any other way then use our contact form.  Gordon and Larry will be pleased to hear from you.